Circuit 2017 Wrap-up

The 2017 Homebrew Circuit has wrapped up.
Congratulations to Tyler Rosenberg for winning Florida Homebrewer of the Year 2017 with 87 points! John Keane came in at second at 76 points and Jesse Johnson came in at third with 59 points. Great brewing guys!
The Homebrew Club of the Year Trophy is now in Jacksonville, FL with Cowford Ale Sharing Klub. Cask won the trophy with a whopping 376 points! Special Hoperations came in at second with 293 points and Pinellas Urban Brewers Guild came in at third with 229 points.
A very eventful circuit this year. Get those burners going and get ready for 2018. Coconut cups heads off the season in January of 2018.
Cheers everyone!